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“Core Focus developed partnerships with local trade schools and community colleges to ensure that they had a trained talent pool to call upon as my manpower needs changed, this was a level of initiative above and beyond what I was expecting… by having my manpower needs handled, I am now able to devote more of my time to the operations of my business and ensure better customer service to my own clients.  Core Focus, has allowed my business to grow tremendously, and I would recommend them to any growing business.”

“Core Focus is our exclusive provider and we have been highly satisfied with their efforts.  The management of Core Focus has taken the time to understand our particular requirements and recruit individuals who match that criteria.  I would heartily recommend Core Focus to an employer interested in complete customer satisfaction from their employment provider.”


  •  Recruiting
  •  Safety and Skills Training
  •  Reference Checking
  •  Skills Evaluations
  •  Driving Record Investigations
  •  Drug Screenings
  •  Job/Safety Orientations
  •  On-the-job Problem Solving


There are no short cuts to accident prevention.  Via pre-placement safety videos and training, we ensure that... 

Our customers have hired us to drive productivity and produce results...

Production requirements can radically change, sometimes dramatically and immediately...

Through intensive job research and evaluation, Core Focus develops a robust set of criteria for evaluation and screening...



continuous improvment

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