Core Focus constantly data mines our employee records for areas of improvement.  By using benchmarking and analysis, Core Focus is able to preemptively locate key areas for success and provide for corrective action plans to facilitate their improvement.


Production volumes and requirements can change, sometimes radically, drastically, and immediately.  Compliance and regulations can change the way companies need to do business.  We understand the need for businesses to adapt quickly to these changes. As a locally owned and operated firm, Core Focus Personnel is dynamic and responsive to evolving client needs.  By working with our client’s accounting departments we have tailored invoicing for unique cost accounting and corporate compliance guidelines.  By developing a robust, pre-placement procedural safety orientation, we’ve worked with clients to reduce training costs and increase productivity from the first minute of a Core Focus Associate’s job assignment.


There are no short cuts to accident prevention.  Via pre-placement safety videos and talking points, we make sure our employees are well aware of client procedures and potential safety hazards even before their first day on the job.  Pre-placement safety analysis is done with any jobsite to mutually address any potential concerns.


A code of ethics permeates through every job we do.  Operating ethically comes before all other business considerations.  It’s our policy to operate via the Golden Rule, treat others, i.e. clients & employees the way we would want to be treated if we were in their shoes.  We understand that this is key for forging solid long-term symbiotic client and employee relationships.

 Continuous Improvement

We tailor individual recruiting standards and procedures for every client and every position.  We identify what is and what is not successful and alter our game plan on a rolling basis.  Simply put, “what was good enough last time may not be good enough again.”  Our loyal customers have hired us to drive productivity and produce results so that they can remain focused on their core work. 

 The Right People

Through intensive job research and evaluation, Core Focus develops a set of criteria for any position.  Individuals are thoroughly screened through interviewing. References are investigated to ensure necessary skills are possessed.

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